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Mount Vernon Free Recycling Bin Registration Form

  1. As the City continues to encourage its residents and business owners to “Love Our City”, The Department of Public Works is working on ways to improve our waste diversion rate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest sustainability plan, waste management and diversion plays a critical role in reducing (GHG) Green House Gases which allows the products to be used to its fullest extent. Waste diversion is the prevention and reduction of generated waste through source reduction, recycling, reuse, or composting. This solution generates a host of environmental, financial, and social benefits, including conserving energy, reducing disposal costs, and reducing the burden on landfills and other waste disposal methods.     

    Under the Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard administration and in accordance with the Refuse Sustainability Plan, the Department of Public Works was approved to purchase 2,000 32-gallon recycle bins with lids via American Rescue Plan Act Funding. They commence distribution in December 2022 to homeowners FREE of charge. This is Phase 1 of a multi-phase effort to improve the City’s waste diversion rate. This initiative will also serve as the beginning of implementing a uniformed refuse collection system throughout the City.     

    If you would like to obtain a Free Recycling Bin, please  fill out the registration form or contact (914) 665 - 2339 to sign up for delivery. Availability will be while supplies last and limited to one (1) per household.

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