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FOIL Request Online Form

  1. Online Application for Public Access to Records (F.O.I.L) Freedom Of Information Law
  2. Records Request

    Fully describe the records you are requesting. A complete and detailed description of the records you are requesting is necessary to accurately respond to your request. Your failure to describe in specific detail the records that you are requesting may result in a denial of your request. You must also include the dates of the documents and addresses if applicable.

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  4. Notice To The Applicants

    Standard FOIL for records may take up to twenty (20) business days to be processed. Foil Applications requesting extensive information may take longer.

  5. Fee

    There is a charge of twenty-five cents ($0.25 cents) per page for each regular size (8 ½ x 11) public document copied and one ($1.00 dollar) per duplicate photo fee. Additional charges will incur for larger size documents, maps, tapes, disks, etc.  By signing this document, you agree to pay any reproduction costs that may apply.

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