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  1. Notice Of Address Change

    Notice Of Address Change


  1. Application For Fire Alarm System Inspection

    The undersigned herewith makes application to test a Fire Alarm System subject to compliance with all provisions of the Law of the... More…

  2. Contact the Fire Department
  1. Certification Of Occupancy
  2. Obtain a Fire Report

    Please fill out all information below to obtain a fire report.


  1. FOIL Request Online Form

    FOIL Request Online Form

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

  1. CMV Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Registration
  2. OEM Volunteers & Organizations Invested in Community Empowerment (V.O.I.C.E.) Registration

    This information will be used for Mount Vernon's Office of Emergency Management to reach out to those who would like to volunteer with... More…

  1. Mount Vernon Emergency Management CERT Volunteer Request

    The Mount Vernon Community Emergency Response Team (MVCERT) program ...

  2. Prepare Mount Vernon Day-Long Training Event

    December 2 | 11 AM | The Doles Center (250 S 6th Avenue) Join us to empower our residents and organizations with resilience against... More…


  1. City of Mount Vernon's Community Camera Registration Form

    Please use this form to register your Ring camera or other camera manufacturer's camera in our Community Camera program.

  2. Mount Vernon Police Department Civilian Complaint Form

    This form should be used exclusively to report alleged misconduct by an employee of the Mount Vernon Police Department. If you have any... More…

  3. Police Services Survey: How Are We Doing?

    We appreciate you taking your time to providing feedback for us. Please complete the survey below.

  4. Submit a ATV / Dirt Bike / Parking / Speeding Complaint

    We know that illegally operated ATVs and Dirt Bikes are a chronic complaint. Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles (and Commercial... More…

  1. Mount Vernon Police Department Civilian Commendation Form

    This form should be used exclusively to commend an employee of the Mount Vernon Police Department. If you have any questions about this... More…

  2. Police Department Request for Service

    To better serve our community, we are starting an 'online' request system for some of our most requested police service calls, such as... More…

  3. Send Us a Message