I will be replacing the roof on my house, do I need a permit?


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1. Can a tank be abandoned in place or do I have to remove it?
2. Can I still work while the permit is being processed?
3. Do I need a permit for swimming pool?
4. Do I need a plumbing permit for a boiler (oil-fired or gas-fired)?
5. How do I file an anonymous complaint?
6. How do I get a permit?
7. How long is the permit good for?
8. How long will it take to receive a permit?
9. How many layers of roofing are permitted on a one or two-family dwelling?
10. How much does a permit cost?
11. How can I avoid unnecessary plan objections?
12. How do I file for a change of use?
13. I am having new siding put on my house; do I need a permit?
14. If I have a current building permit, why should I have to file for an additional permit to erect a wall sign?
15. I have been working/living in Mount Vernon for years, since when do I need a permit?
16. I intend on putting up a fence on my property; do I need a permit?
17. I intend to put a shed on my property, do I need permit?
18. I need to find out in what Zoning District my property/house is located?
19. I need to see if I have a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy or a Survey for my property. Where do I look for this?
20. Is a plumbing permit needed to clean out sewers and drains?
21. Is a plumbing permit needed to install a gas fired hot water heater?
22. I want to build a deck. Do I need a permit?
23. I want to install a patio in my yard, do I need a permit?
24. I will be replacing the roof on my house, do I need a permit?
25. The landlord has not made any repairs in my apartment so am I allowed to withhold rent?
26. The Landlord is not providing adequate heat in my apartment. What do I do?
27. What actions would be taken if a landlord/owner/tenant refuses to allow an inspector access to investigate a complaint?
28. What codes does the City of Mount Vernon use?
29. What is a Certificate of Occupancy and how do I get one?
30. What is a survey?
31. What is a task force inspection?
32. What is a vacancy inspection? When is it required?
33. What is the difference between a deck and a patio?
34. What is the largest penalty ever assessed a property owner by the courts for code violations in the City of Mount Vernon?
35. Where is the Department of Buildings located, what are the normal business hours and can I come in or talk to someone on the phone?
36. Whose ultimate responsibility is it to obtain a permit, the owner or the contractor?
37. Why can’t I park as many cars and trucks on my private property as I want?
38. Why does it take so long for a permit?
39. Why do I have to get a Certificate of Occupancy if my house was built in 1932 when Certificate of Occupancies were not required?
40. Why do I need a licensed Electrician or Plumber?
41. Why do I need a permit, drawings and a survey to fix a wall that came down?
42. Why do I need permits from the Department of Buildings?
43. Why do I need plans?
44. Why do I need to file a building permit to erect a fence?
45. Why does the good side of the fence have to face the neighbors?
46. Why should I have to file for a permit when I am making home improvements to my personal property?
47. Why should I insure the City of Mount Vernon when filing for permits?