Public Works


1 Roosevelt Square North
Room 108
Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Link: Public Works Page

Hours Of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Complaints/ Schedule a Pick Up

Monday to Friday



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brooks, Shayne Director Of Sustainability & Community Engagement 914-840-4040  
Bush, Damani Commissioner 914-665-2343  
Carretta, Joseph DPW Supervisor 914-523-8252  
D'Ambrosio, Frank Skilled Laborer 914-665-2343  
Dandridge, Steve Sanitation Foreman 914-330-7406  
DeVito, Vincent Tree Surgeon    
Fountain, Phillip Code Enforcement Officer 914-665-2343  
Gardner, Dana Secretary to Commissioner 914-665-2343  
Hackett, Robert Deputy Commissioner 914-655-2343  
Johnson, Clifford Sweeper Foreman 914-330-7417  
Jones, Dwayne Sanitation Foreman 914-652-0860  
Lee, Lawrence “Brick” Sanitation Foreman 914-523-6679  
Lewis, Aaron Streetlight Maintainer 914-523-8747  
Montemarano, Giovanni Parks Supervisor 914-523-3905  
Payne, Lomari Principle Clerk 914-665-2338  
Pemberton, Joe Assistant Engineer 914-665-2343  
Rodgers, Ray Sanitation Foreman 914-523-4240  
Rodriquez, Vincent Garage Superintendent      
Rowell, Garth “Gary” Sanitation Foreman 914-523-9030  
Vanderberg, Taryn Timekeeper    
Wheeler, Michael Skilled Laborer 914-665-2343  
Wimbush, Harold Traffic Supervisor 914-357-0920  
Office, Commissioner's Mount Vernon City Hall Rm 108 914-665-2343  

Bureau of Sanitary and Stormwater Sewers 

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

In Case of Emergency call

914-665-2465 or 

914-665-2719 (after hours)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bennett, Ramone Sewer Foreperson 914-523-5953  
Woods, Curtis City Engineer 914-523-6679  
Miller, Jason Stormwater Coordinator