Lead Service Line Replacement Program


Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard 


Lead Service Line Program


The City of Mount Vernon has received a one-million-dollar grant from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation to establish the Lead Service Line Replacement Program. The City of Mount Vernon is committed to providing clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to ALL Mount Vernon residents.

The city has compiled information concerning the future of the Lead Service Line Replacement program to support this mission. The program consists of a series of actions that Mount Vernon is undertaking to reduce and eliminate lead in drinking water. The Lead Service Line Replacement Program also aims to educate the public on steps to reduce their exposure to drinking lead water. Phase one of this program will identify and inventory water service line materials, including those containing lead, from the city's water main to each Property Owner and Commercial Business.

This program will compile and report Mount Vernon's water service line inventory to NYSDOH by October 16, 2024.

Homeowners Mount Vernon, We Need Your Assistance!

Through the Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) Program, the LSLR team will provide hands-on support to guide homeowners/commercial property owners through lead service line removals from start to finish. LSLR includes support in developing lead service line replacement plans, conducting inventories to identify lead pipes, collecting and digitizing data, updating the Board of Water Supply archives, and increasing community outreach and education efforts. The Lead Service team will inspect and test residential and commercial properties in the community. Your assistance will help expedite the verification and reporting process.   

How can I Identify if I have a lead service line in my home or commercial property? 

Inspect the water service line pipe that enters your home and connects to your water meter. You can visually inspect your lead service line to determine if copper, lead, or galvanized steel service is on your property. Lead service lines are generally a dull gray and very soft, and you can easily scratch them with a key or coin. If a pipe is made of lead, the scratched area will turn a bright silver color. Do not use a knife or other sharp instrument, and be careful not to puncture a hole in the pipe.

Complete the steps outlined below and submit your results: 

You will need a:

  • Key or a coin

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Find the water meter in your basement. Look at the pipe that comes through the outside wall of your home and connects to your meter.
  2. Carefully scratch the pipe (like you would a lottery ticket) with a key or a coin. Do not use a knife or other sharp tool. Note: If the pipe is painted, use sandpaper to expose the metal first.
  3. Place the magnet on the pipe.
  4. Take a photo of the scratched pipe and submit your results in the form below.

Types of Pipes


Lead Pipe

A magnet will not stick to a lead pipe. Scratch the pipe with a coin. The service line is lead if the scraped area is shiny silver and flakes off.  


Copper Pipe

The scratched area will remain a dull gray, and a magnet will stick to the surface. You may still have a lead gooseneck on your service line if you have a galvanized steel pipe.

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Pipe 

A magnet will not stick to a copper pipe. Scratch the pipe with a penny. If the scraped area is copper in color, like a penny, your service line is copper. 

Please complete the general form and upload 1-3 photos of the scratched service line. Submitting avoids needing a future appointment.

Submit Your Results – General Form  

 If you have difficulty taking or uploading a photo, please email LSLP@cmvny.comOn-site verifications and consultations are available by appointment.  

Telephone Call: 914-668-7820/ E-appointment: LSLP@CVMNY.com

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