Parking Violations & Ticket Payments

The Parking Bureau has the additional responsibility of setting up trials for disputes of issued tickets, researching questionable issues; such as broken meters, and addressing queries about traffic sign placement. The City is taking a more aggressive approach to seizing vehicles for nonpayment of parking ticket fines.

Parking Ticket Collections

Parking Ticket Collections conducts all research, such as location of vehicle when tickets were given; corresponds with owners for payment of overdue fines including payment agreements; and issues orders on vehicles that are ultimately booted for nonpayment of overdue fines. Vehicle owners are given every opportunity to satisfy parking ticket debts before a final order is issued. Once a vehicle boot is installed, it cannot be removed until all debts are satisfied in full, including a mandatory booting fee.

In 2015 Parking Violations was moved to the auspices of the Mount Vernon Police Department. With two payment locations:

  1. The Mount Vernon City Court Facility
  2. Parking Bureau Offices at 3 East Sidney Avenue

Parking Ticket Collections is responsible for the collection of fines issued by authorized personnel of the City of Mount Vernon. Employees verify the accuracy of parking tickets and correspond with ticket holders regarding insufficient payment of fines.

The addition of laptop computers has enabled booting personnel to run vehicle and parking ticket payment compliance information in the field. Accurate, up to the moment information is available while the vehicle is in sight. Ticket writers are equipped with handheld computers that generate bar-coded parking tickets. Portable printers allow ticket personnel to issue tickets with minimal data entry and no handwritten information by simply scanning the vehicles, registration information.

Parking Ticket Collections Location & Hours


We are located on the second floor of the Mount Vernon Police - Court Complex, across the street from City Hall.

We are also located at:

Parking Bureau
3 E Sidney Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Parking Ticket Collections Department is a City Agency occupying windows Number 1 and Number 3 within the Mount Vernon City Court.


  • Payments and inquiries: 8:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday
  • To plead not guilty or guilty with an explanation: 8:30 am, Monday through Friday

Payment Information


  • By mail: checks or money orders
  • If booted or scofflaw: cash, certified check or money orders
  • In person: cash, checks or money orders
  • Online: we take Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express - Pay your parking ticket online.
    • Be sure to enter only your license plate number exactly as it appears on your registration. Do not add any extra characters including state abbreviations.
    • If you have a boot, scofflaw or reduction, please call the Parking Ticket Collections Agency at 914-665-2592 for specific instructions. Our payment system does not handle these transactions.

Please indicate the ticket number(s) and/or plate number(s) and state on the front of your check or money order made payable to City Court of Mount Vernon.

Early Bird Payments

We accept the discounted amount applicable, listed on the back of each parking ticket, when paid in person or mailed and postmarked by the next business day.

Parking Ticket Collections
City Court of Mount Vernon
Roosevelt Square
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Special Request

Please give us 24-hour notice by phone or in writing when requesting copies of more than three parking tickets. Applicable photo copy fees may apply.