Licenses / Permits

Bingo Licenses

Games of Chance/Occasion$25
Bell Jar/Year$25
Commercial Lessor License/Year$25
Additional Bingo License3% Net Proceeds
Additional Fee - Games of Chance5% Net Proceeds
Additional Fee - Bell Jar2% Net Proceeds
Commercial Lessor Agreement FeeVariable

Dog Licenses  (Please Click Here For MV Animal Shelter)

UN-Neutered Dog - Under 6 Months$10.50
UN-Neutered Dog License$13.50
Neutered Dog License$5.50
Lost Dog Tag$3

Taxi Licenses (Contact SSD for Application 914-665-2500)

Original Taxi Driver License$40
Renewal Taxi Driver License$40
Original Taxi Owner License$500
Renewal Taxi Owner License$500
Taxi Owner License Transfer$10
Driver Badges - Lost License$15
Taxi Renewal Late Fees$1 to $10

Peddler’s Licenses

Peddler's License - Truck or Vehicle$600
Peddler's License - Cart/Carry/Stand$250
Peddler License - VeteranNo Charge
Peddler License Seniors Age 65 and Older50% off
Peddler Badge Card$10
Itinerant (Special Event) Peddler$225
Peddler Employee$10

Miscellaneous Licenses

Junk License$150
Going Out of Business/Month$25
Transient Merchant/Month$25
Film on City Property/Day$1,500
Curb Lowering Permits/Linear Foot$10
Circular Distribution License$100
Auctioneer License$200
Auction Permit - Per Day$100
Amusement Device/Per Device (Individual/Partnership)Amusement Device/Per Device

$100 - Per Device

$50 - Prorated after 6 Months/Device

$10  - temporary Per Device

$30 - Jukebox/Device

$15 - Prorated After 6 Months/Device
Theatre License - One Performance$15 - $62.50
Theatre License - 6 Months$62.50
Theatre License - 6 Months to 1 Year$125
Auto Wrecker License$150
Pawn Broker/Year$350
Street Sidewalk Obstruction (Min. $75 Charge)$5/Linear Foot
Sidewalk Cafe PermitTable: $60 Chair: $10
Sidewalk Display/Year$360
Private Carting License/Vehicle$180
Tow Truck Owner License$150
Tow Truck Driver License$50
Towing from Parking Lot Permit$100 per lot
Private Parking Lot - 25 Vehicles or Less/Year$50
Private Parking Lot - 26 to 50 Vehicles/Year$100
Private Parking Lot - 51 to 99 Vehicles/Year$150
Private Parking Lot - More Than 100$200
Dance Hall - Under 6 Months$25
Dance Hall - Over 6 Months to 1 Year$50
Solicitor's License - 1 Year$200
Solicitor's Identification$5
Sound Truck Permit/Day$25
Parade/Procession or Motorcade Permit$100
Religious/Political Parade/Procession or Motorcade PermitNo Charge
Social Club License/Year$250
City Street Opening$350
Shooting Range$100

City Maps, Charters & Codes

ItemE-Code / Fee
General Ordinance - Code BookE-Code
Housing Code/PageE-Code
Fire Prevention BookE-Code
Zoning Ordinance Book ($4 P/H Charge if Mailed)E-Code
City CharterE-Code
Small Street or Election Map$5
Large Street or Election Map$10
Small Zoning Map$10
Large Zoning Map$20